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Amazing weddings deserve amazing photography. Prepare to fall head over heels in love (again).

5 Reasons for Wonderful Winter Weddings in Scotland

Real Life Weddings

Winter Weddings in Scotland – they’re sublime

Best months of the year to get married

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We often get asked “When are the best months of the year to get married?” As wedding photographers we love the different seasons for so many reasons, but if pushed we’d pick 3 months of the year above all others.

Rosebery Steading

Real Life Weddings

Prepare to be wowed by Rosebery Steading. We are blessed with so many jaw dropping Scottish wedding venues. Scotland will always deliver: from fairytale romantic castles, exclusive use wedding venues, through to 5 star hotels. There is undoubtedly the right wedding venue out there for you.

Five tips for planning your wedding in the middle of a global pandemic

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The challenge is, and I think we all know now, Covid-19 is not going anywhere (sigh). Vaccines are coming (hallelujah), but we’re still not sure how quick the roll-out is going to be. But lots of us don’t want to keep putting our life on hold, so when it comes to wedding planning we say bring it on.

The Best Scottish Wedding venues imaginable… Archerfield House & Archerfield Waterfront

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Allow us introduce you to Archerfield House and Waterfront, one of our favourite wedding venues on our Goosebump List.

Blue Sky Photography’s how to be a brilliant bridesmaid

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How to be a brilliant bridesmaid? You’ve said yes. You’re going to be a bridesmaid. Whether you’ve wanted to be one for years, or have secretly been dreading being asked, now is your time to shine.

Wedding Day Planning

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Wedding day planning. To help you with those all important little details on your wedding day, I’ve put our fifteen plus years of wedding planning into one helpful wedding planning essentials kit.

“I hate having my picture taken”: 5 reasons you can trust Blue Sky Photography

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Can I officially say right now it’s ok to want to look your best and as your own photographers we’re always on your side. You can trust Blue Sky Photography to make you look fabulous. And here’s 5 reasons why…

Five tips for effortless wedding group photographs

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As much as we love informal wedding photographs we know that group family photographs have an important place. In fact, if we’re honest, these are the photographs that will be shared with generations to come. Getting them right is important.