Winter Weddings Scotland

29 Mar 2021

5 Reasons for Wonderful Winter Weddings in Scotland

Winter weddings in Scotland have a rather special place in our heart. They are magical and relaxed from beginning to end. No one cares what the weather does. Even if we’re all secretly hoping for a light sprinkling of the white stuff. The sun, when it does appear, is beautiful as it is so low in the sky, creating a soft, dreamy look.

If the sun doesn’t come, that’s good too as we can head inside to enjoy some candle light and some warmth from the fire. All we need is the scent of mulled wine and we’re in winter wedding heaven.

We’ve put together our 5 top reasons for planning a winter wedding in Scotland. Be inspired.


Alie x

1. They're Relaxed

Winter weddings in Scotland are sublime. The vision is all about candlelight, fires and keeping cosy. If you’ve planned your wedding between November and March, chances are you’ll be super-relaxed about what the weather does as you’ll have planned for inside as well as out.

You’ll be on the hunt for a Scottish wedding venue that has lots of gorgeous nooks and cranny’s for your guests to chill out. And space for indoor photographs.  Sofas and seats be the fire are likely to be high on the checklist.

The relaxed nature of winter weddings is all about making everyone feel cosy. At this season there’s even more opportunity to spoil your guests with mince pies, mulled wine or cider and other goodies.

Mention Scotland and winter and they’re already going to have their hearts set on snow and roaring open fires. Yup – they’ll be there with bells on and they’ll be ready to kick-back and relax.


2. Inside can look as beautiful as out

Remember you’ll pick your wedding venue for a reason. You’ll visit, take the tour (virtually as well as hopefully in person) and you’ll start to imagine how your wedding will look.

As well as picking a spot you can imagine you and your guests relaxing in, you’ll be thinking about styling it.

We love photographing our Blue Sky couples in the space they have picked for their wedding day. Lounges and staircases and stunning tables capes all make incredible wedding day memories and look stunning in albums. It’s all about taking you back to the scene of your wedding.

Add in loads of candles (we’re huge fans of the White Company winter candle) and fill the space with scent as well as warmth.

For other styling tips speak to your florist or event planner as they can help you create mood boards.

3. Winter light is beautiful

The sun can still play a role in winter weddings in Scotland. The golden, amazing winter light is incredible. Shoot into the ball of fire in the sky and you’ll forever get goosebumps when you see your wedding photographs.

We would always suggest planning your day accordingly so that the champagne reception is drawing towards dinner in the final hour of sunlight. That way you’ll maximise your opportunities to go dance in the golden winter sunlight.

Work with your venue and your wedding suppliers on timing to ensure you make the most of the opportunities of winter light. It’s that important.

4. Embrace the Season

Whether you’ve booked your wedding around Bonfire Night, Christmas, or Valentine’s, we say embrace the season. Think mistletoe, berries, snowflakes (if you can’t get the real stuff bring your own), Christmas trees and even fireworks. Chat to your florist and suppliers – give them the opportunity to show you what they’re capable of dreaming up!

5. Style for Winter

Now this is a fun one. Girls – just think of all the fun you can have with wraps, boots, fur, gloves… It doesn’t just have to be about the dress. Boys you can do boots, coats (fur if you like!)

And if you’re a wedding guest, there’s lots of ways you can spin the winter wedding look. We love these suggestions from Elle Magazine. From velvet to satin you can have lots of fun with fabric.

Winter Weddings Scotland

If you’re planning your winter wedding in Scotland and think we could be the wedding photographers for you then drop us an email and let’s chat. We love it when clients think we could be a good fit as that’s what it’s all about for us.


Alie x