Amazing Edinburgh weddings deserve amazing wedding photography

Prepare to fall head over heels in love (again) with Blue Sky Photography

Wedding photography in Edinburgh by Blue Sky Photography (naturally)

Your wedding deserves amazing wedding photography. Timeless, jaw-dropping, beautiful images.
Forever photographs that give you goosebumps and take you right back to your incredible wedding day.

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re Edinburgh’s best loved, Blue Sky Photography.

You’ll fall in love all over and over again as you flick through your handcrafted Queensberry wedding album.
With service so personal, it feels like friends by your side.

Photography awards? We’ve a few. And if you’re interested, you can come and admire the glassware.
But we know you’re always the big shot – not us.

You could have just found your perfect wedding photographers… drop us a line and we’ll pop the kettle on.



Real life weddings by Blue Sky Photography

Chances are we have been to your wedding venue before.

Find inspiration and view our other real life weddings by Blue Sky Photography.

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Hello- we're Alie and Niels. Friends by your side (and wedding photographers too)

You’re our inspiration. We take time to get to know you, your story, your loves and what makes you both tick… and what your vision for your wedding photography is.

Husband and wife we’ve been told we’re a pretty top wedding photography team.

Working so closely with you that it feels like friends by your side (with the assurance of our talent and years of experience to create our signature wow wedding pictures).

In our opinion, it’s wedding photography just as wedding photography should be.

Alie & Niels: creators of timeless, beautiful, forever wedding photography (since 2003)

Your wedding story will be told with creativity and conviction. We believe in timeless, forever wedding photos.  Authentic, beautiful collections of photographs that aren’t dictated by current trends and fads or filters. Wedding photographs that deserve to be printed and crafted into a handmade wedding album.

Pictures will be perfectly edited and polished to perfection. They’ll speak volumes about you as a couple. We’ll be by your side throughout your day, from the slipping on of the gown through to your first dances as husband and wife.

Our skill is one reason we can create those ‘wow’ wedding images. It’s also down to our instinct, years of experience and dogged obsession with detail. We want your experience with Blue Sky Photography to be brilliant, however camera-shy you are.

Prepare to fall in love again. Drop us a line  – we’re ready to welcome you with open arms.

Have you ever had a couple crush? Well I do. Alie and Niels are the most amazing couple and photographers.
They made us feel so at ease throughout the wedding and the images they captured will
warm my heart for years and years to come.

Vicky & Chris Blair

Let's plan the most magical wedding of them all. Yours.

You are super welcome to pop over to the studio to chat through your wedding photography ideas.  It means you can leaf through some of gorgeous Queensberry wedding albums, meet us and enjoy a freshly roasted coffee or mug of Brew Tea.

If joining us at the studio in Edinburgh isn’t so convenient for you, we’re just as happy to Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.

However we get-together, our desire is that our first meeting is the start of a lifelong, beautiful friendship.

Drop us a line and we’ll pop the kettle on. Till then, feel free to explore the Blue Sky Photography FAQ’s that may answer any queries just now.

If you’ve a curious mind and want to see reviews of Blue Sky Photography – you can read them all online.

Sublime, one of a kind wedding albums. Exclusively yours.

We head over heels believe in albums. That’s why every Blue Sky Photography wedding option includes a handcrafted album by Queensberry. They make the finest albums in the world. We know our photography shines best when printed and preserved forever in a precious heirloom.

Your album will be one of a kind. The options open to you are sublime: from gorgeous wedding books through to Queensberry’s signature duo wedding album, even handbag sized mini-albums… all totally bespoke and handmade with care.

Like us, everything Queensberry do is made with real heart and soul.
It’s a mutually exclusive love-in of all things beautiful. Why? Because forever matters.

Read more about our love of albums and Queensberry

Mini Blue Sky Wedding photography - small in a name only

You might be planning a small, more intimate wedding day. But that doesn’t mean you need to minimise your photography dreams.

Our Mini Blue Sky Wedding Photography option is everything we know about wedding photography. Just in mini form (with a mini price from £850)


Mini Blue Sky Wedding Photography

Scottish wedding venues that give us goosebumps

We’ve been privileged to shoot in some sublime wedding locations over the years.
From Scottish Castles, rustic barns, uber-contemporary hotels to private family homes.
Each and every one has rocked our photography world. Why? Because it first rocked yours.

Browse through the Blue Sky Photography goosebump list of some of our favourite Scottish wedding venues….


Some of our favourite Venues

Are you Blue Sky through and through?

You probably already know if we’re the ones for you – something just clicked. Well, you’re in good company.

Truth be told, our couples are the nicest bunch of people imaginable. If we put them all in one room, we’d have one phenomenal party.  We love it when…

  • You see us as Niels and Alie rather than just “wedding photographers”
  • Photography is more than just a tick on your wedding spreadsheet.
  • You'll jump with us at the chance to chase amazing sunlight or dance on misty mountains
  • Your wedding plans are as much about your guests as you and your other half
  • Your wedding album matters is as much to you as it does to us
  • We become friends for life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions are good – we know you’ll have lots of them racing through your mind as you plan your big day.

Begin with our frequently asked questions…


Blue Sky FAQ's

Having Niels and Alie photograph our wedding felt like having two mega-talented friends who just happen to know everything about weddings guide you through your day.
Our pictures will be something we will treasure forever they are so beautiful, and I wouldn't have wanted to leave such an important part of my day in the hands of anyone else.

Heather & Graham Harkins

Latest real life weddings from the Blue Sky Photography Blog

Real Life Wedding: Dunglass Estate

06 April 2024

Alex and Molly are the kind of people who embrace life and all it throws at them. Including what we can only be described as the windiest wedding I think we’ve ever been at (think winds of 50 mph – enough to take out huge stone planters) And the result was a wedding day that was even more magical that anyone could have imagined.

Real Life Wedding: Drumtochty Castle

03 April 2024

Their spring wedding was beautiful in spite of the rain (think one of the wettest days ever). Actually it was a little more beautiful because of the rain. As family and friends dashed for cover under mutlicloured brollies there were smile, giggles and lot of togetherness. And what could be better than cosying up in Drumtochty Castle as the wood burners crackle?

Real Life Wedding: Signet Library

23 March 2024

As Joe and Elias greeted us (with bear hugs rather than hand shakes) we knew they were our kind of people. The kind of people who make life about the people around them rather than the stuff they have; the kind of people who appreciate the little things; the kind of people who value love. Yup we’d hang out with these two any day of the week.