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Perfectly Planned (Post Lockdown Wedding)

Yes it wasn’t the party that was planned… but their micro wedding was filled with joy, fun and so much love. We wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Our Kind of People

Engagement Shoots

Laura and JP are the kind of people we would gladly hang out with every day of the week. They approach life with positivity and humour. They have kept smiling as not just one, but two planned wedding dates have passed by and we are in awe of their flexibility.

Commercial Photography: How do I pivot my business?


How do you pivot a business during a global pandemic? It’s not easy to change how you do things at the best of times (let alone when the sand is shifting round you and moving daily…)

Handsome Harry


How cute is this little man? Just look at all that hair and his gorgeous features…

Commercial Photography: Christmas is coming


This week, John Lewis launched their Christmas shop, exactly four months ahead of Christmas Day 2020. Now this might freak you out, or make you incredibly excited for Christmas…

Summer Loving

Engagement Shoots

You always dream of the perfect weather for every engagement shoot but we literally could not have planned Marlena and Jordan’s engagement shoot for a more beautiful summer’s evening.

One Edinburgh Evening

Engagement Shoots

One Edinburgh evening recently we got to photograph the  lovely Lucy and Rupert. Spending time with these two was just like hanging out with good pals.

A Whole Lot of Love

Engagement Shoots

We have been planning and dreaming of Emily and Cammy’s engagement shoot for a long time… we knew it was going to be special but it even topped that. It was *just perfect*

Beautiful baby Brodie


Getting to photograph this little family of three last month was a huge highlight. Not only is Brodie a delight to photograph (check out those smiles), but Hollie and Sarah are the most relaxed and chilled-out Mums.