Gorgeous food deserves amazing photography

Blue Sky - brilliant food photography in Edinburgh (and across Scotland)

Together, we'll cook up a storm in the kitchen

Food photography, Edinburgh: something we’re more than a little passionate about.

You’ve created an amazing menu: now you can trust us to capture the hours and labour of love you’ve put into every part.

Whether you’re looking for showstopper hero images for your new restaurant website, a bank of food images for your Instagram feed or a set of photographs to promote a seasonal campaign you can trust us to deliver the goods.

Think of us as your sous-photographer, partner by your side. But you’ll discover we’re more than just photographers, we’re stylists too with our full arsenal of plates, cutlery, crockery, backgrounds and props entirely at your disposal.

Utterly professional and with endless experience, it’s no wonder we’re trusted by many top restaurants and venues in Edinburgh.

Drop us a line and we’ll bring a little bit of Blue Sky to your next Edinburgh food photography photoshoot.

We recently used Blue Sky Photography to take images of our new product range and the photos are honestly out of this world!
We ABSOLUTELY LOVE them. Niels is a genius with a camera. The Albert Einstein of the photography world!!!! Thank you so much!

Linton & Co