The Secret Edinburgh Christmas Wedding...

Kate & Ian

Real Life Wedding: The Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh

Could you plan a secret wedding in Edinburgh just a few days before Christmas? Would you be able to keep it from your friends and family? Not sure I’d be able to stop from spilling the beans…quite how Kate and Ian managed at to keep their secret Christmas wedding at The Balmoral Hotel up their sleeve I have no idea. Massive kudos to you.

But what a wedding you created – a more romantic location could you not have chosen (nor outfits for that matter). With your lovely friends Katie and Neil by your side,  you couldn’t take the smiles off your faces. The joy Lauren and I witnessed when you called family to share your news was magical, especially your son who echoed all our thoughts when he said “that’s good” when you told him your news!

Thank you for inviting me to tell your wedding story. It was an absolute pleasure.


Niels xxx

The Balmoral Hotel

Did you know the Balmoral Hotel was the very first place in Edinburgh that Blue Sky Photography photographed a wedding? True fact. All the way back in the giddy heights of 2003. And we love the hotel as much now as we did then. Truth is we probably love it even more. Because since then we have discovered so many hidden nooks and crannies. Since then we have photographed so many incredible events, from weddings for two, to parties for hundreds. And for each and ever one the Balmoral Hotel (and the fabulous team) delivers on style, substance and something special that you feel from the minute you push those gold revolving doors.

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Wedding reception - Balmoral Hotel

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