When are the best months of the year to get married?

26 Mar 2021

Best months of the year to get married

We often get asked “When are the best months to get married?” As wedding photographers we love the different seasons and different times of the year for so many reasons.  But, if pushed, there are 3 months of the year above all that we think are perfect for weddings.

And yes, we know it’s controversial but we’re ok with that if you are…

So, our top three months for weddings are May, September and December.

May – when those long summer evenings begin to kick in. Every time we get back to May it’s like taking a breath of fresh air deep into the lungs.

September – the start of falling autumn leaves and the gorgeous autumnal colours, with that wonderful outdoor cool dip in temperature when you don’t feel guilty being inside!

December – it truly comes into its own with sparkly lights, tons of candles, a subtle hint of Christmas and the fact that everyone is beginning to wind down for the holiday season.

Read on to know more about why we think these are the best times of the year to get married. And feel free to disagree!


Niels x

Getting Married in May

In Scotland May is filled with so much expectation. The month of May signals the start of summer with longer days and warmer weather – often in abundance.

June, July and August can sometimes be a bit hit or miss weather wise, but May often shows as a strong, warm weather month. Trees burst into bud with zingy lime fresh leaves after their winter hibernation in April.

I love that fresh injection that this outdoor backdrop brings to wedding photographs.

If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony for the month of May you may be blessed with a glorious day. But I’d always say have a plan B up your sleeve just incase a sudden May shower blesses your wedding day.

The same goes for outdoor champagne receptions: the vibe of an outdoor drinks reception (with music playing obvs!) is pretty hard to beat, but best not to bank on it if the heavens do open up.

Sunset times in May are around 9pm. This means that golden hour will often happen towards the end of the wedding meal which is perfect for a quick photograph session before the evening dancing kicks off… yes please.

Getting Married in September

Heads-up Alie and I were married in September so we’re obviously going to have a natural love of this time of year (and a slight bias towards September weddings!)

Days seem to go on forever in September; it’s a bit like a final hurrah before the cooler days kick in and Autumn descends and envelop Scotland in Autumnal glory. Gorgeous golden tapestries are created by trees wearing their amber coats and they make a stunning backdrop for photographs.

With sun setting before 8pm you’re often able to sneak in some epic sunset shots of you with your other half. Imagine a pre-first dance in the gorgeous evening light in your own wedding album. We can leave a wedding super happy if we’ve managed to nail some amazing photographs in golden hour.

Getting Married in December

Forget Hygge, in Scotland we’re all about Coorie (if you’re in doubt what that means, check out the super special ‘The Coorie Home’ book). We say in Scotland December is when the nights really “draw in”.

For winter weddings it has to be all about candles (we say layer you venue with as many as you can get away with!), tons of logs burning on open fires and sparkly lights aplenty… oh and did we mention that gorgeous low winter sun? Yes please.

Technically, winter weddings are more challenging: you need to understand how to use the low light that is brought about as the daylight hours get shorter to maximum effect.

If getting some amazing outdoor photographs of the two of you is really important, think about the time of your wedding service so you’re able to fit this in before the sun goes down. It can get start to get dusky around 3pm in Edinburgh in December so we’d suggest a wedding no later than 1.30pm if you want to get outdoor portraits.

Or if you only want to get some incredible indoor shots, why not get married at 3:30pm and light your ceremony by candle light? We’ve seen this done and it’s a glorious thing to be a part of.

We say spoil your guests with amazing heart warming food, mulled wine and party on – that’s what December is all about after all isn’t it and why December weddings are just such outstanding celebrations!

Plan your wedding with Blue Sky

We’d love to hear from you whether you agree or disagree that these are the best months to get married. We’re open to challenge as to be honest there’s no wrong month.

Amazing weddings deserve amazing photography. Timeless, forever wedding photography that takes you right back to your magical wedding day.

Whichever month of the year you’re planning to get married in, Alie and I would love to be a part of your celebrations.  We’ve oodles of experience built on our 15+ years of shooting weddings. No matter what happens on your big day your collection of images will be amazing.

Get in contact and tell us more about you two and the kind of wedding you’re planning.