Kiren & Sandeep – Part 3 – The Wedding Day

If you’ve been following the wedding of Kiren and Sandeep, you’ll know that we’ve already posted days one, two and so now we’ve come to the wedding day…

We have never been part of a Sikh wedding before so this was a real privilege for us. It was such an amazing day – full of so much emotion and beauty – and Kiren and Sandeep both looked amazing. Not sure what the final count was Kiren, but I think possibly the girls had it?

The celebrations began for us when I (Alie) joined Kiren at 6am in the morning. Seriously impressed though as Kiren and the girls had been up since 5 and were already looking fab when I joined them. Kiren’s make-up was awesome. “G” (I’ll protect your identity for Kiren’s sake!) you were fab – truly loving your work.

Kiren leaving in her Dad’s Bentley

And her stunning bouquet (courtesy of Planet Flowers). The reds were so vibrant – loved it!

Niels joined Sandeep in Glasgow as he spent time with his family in the morning. Sandeep’s wedding outfit was absolutely stunning and the detail so exquisite.

Guests gathered outside The temple, where the wedding ceremony took place…

Sandeep arrived in style, in a Bentley, with his niece and nephews travelling in the back (it looked like lots of fun!)

Before the wedding ceremony in the temple, Sandeep’s Milne happened outside. This was where family members from both Kiren and Sandeep’s sides exchange garlands and shook hands, and embraced each other – all as a sign of the two families joining together.

The wedding ceremony itself was in the temple, where Sandeep entered first, followed thereafter by Kiren.

Kiren had some fab little people helping. Three gorgeous flower girls and three gorgeous pageboys. Well done guys.

From the Sikh temple, the wedding celebrations continued at The Radisson in Glasgow, with Kiren and Sandeep’s civil ceremony followed by a reception for all their guests. The candlelit room looked beautiful.

We had to take the opportunity to get some fab shots of these two in their amazing wedding outfits.

From the Radisson, it was then back to Kiren’s house where Sandeep had to ‘barter’ for her with her family and friends (who of course milked it just a little)

It was an emotional time as Kiren left her family house. Her brothers and cousins helped to push the car away as Kiren and Sandeep left.

Kiren and Sandeep you were a truly fantastic couple to work with throughout the whole day. Thank you for the privilege of allowing us to be a part of all your wedding celebrations and for being so fab to photograph. We hope these shots give you a great taste of your wedding day. There are so many other wonderful ones to share with you – can’t wait.

Now – wait until you see the final part of these celebrations at Hopetoun House. Utterly stunning…

2 responses to “Kiren & Sandeep – Part 3 – The Wedding Day”

  1. Craig says:

    Love these images, really capturing the emotion and spirit of the day. I covered my first sikh wedding at the weekend (same temple actually) and I’m sure you will the aggree the colour and the specticle combined with the real feeling of family and a comming together make for a special day. Cant wait to see your shots from the reception.


  2. Kimran says:

    this was the best wedding i hav ever been 2 loved it!!! cant wait till kirans brothers (amrits)

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