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Eva & Danny’s Wedding – 1st July 2015

Eva and Danny share a love of travel and adventure. If you’ve ever spent any time with these two you’ll know how perfectly matched they are.

Mr and Mrs Aguirre we had a ball with you two. Thank you for being so much fun and for being up for anything (including heading out in the rain and wind).

Here’s a glimpse into your epic wedding day. We loved – a lot…

Niels & Alie xxx

Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-001 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-002 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-003 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-004 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-005 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-006 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-007 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-008 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-009 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-010 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-011 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-012 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-013 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-014 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-015 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-016 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-017 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-018 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-019 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-020 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-021Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-023 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-024 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-025 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-026 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-027 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-028 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-029 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-030 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-031 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-032 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-033 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-034 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-035 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-036 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-037 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-038Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-040 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-041 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-042 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-043 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-044 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-045 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-046Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-048 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-049 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-050 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-051 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-052 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-053 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-054 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-055 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-056 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-057 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-058 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-059 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-060 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-061 Eva_Danny_Drumtochty_Castle_Wedding-062


Ceremony Venue – St Palladius Church, Drumtochty
Wedding Venue – Drumtochty Castle, Auchenblae
Photographer – Blue Sky Photography
Filmmaker – Creative Video Troon
Hair – Una from Blush Hair Design
Band – Bahookie

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