Homa & Ben’s Wedding, The Lothian Chambers, followed by The Atrium, Edinburgh

We love hearing stories of how our brides and grooms met. This story goes back to school days. Although, back then, (as Homa said in her speech) they would have both laughed out loud if anyone had said they’d be together and they would never have imagined that they’d end up marrying each other… and the funny thing is when you see them together they are absolutely the perfect match.

We’ve really enjoyed getting to know Homa and Ben and one of the things that’s so fab about them is how real and fun they are together. They never take themselves too seriously and have great banter with their friends and family, who obviously mean so much to them. You only have to look at their friends shots below to see what a great bunch of pals they have.

The Atrium was the only possible venue that could have been selected for their wedding reception as Ben’s parents are the owners of this award winning Edinburgh restaurant. The wedding breakfast was the most beautiful we’ve tasted in seven years of photographing weddings (thank you guys for inviting us to taste it!).  Think homemade brioche and breads, home cured salmon and cambridge creams… yum!

Homa and Ben your wedding was such a special day and an awesome party. Thank you for letting us join in and for being so much fun to photograph (we loved your two dresses Homa – not sure which was the fave?) We have so many highlights from your wedding, so here’s a select few for now… looking forward to catching-up and showing you all your pictures.

Speak soon, A & N

4 responses to “Homa & Ben’s Wedding, The Lothian Chambers, followed by The Atrium, Edinburgh”

  1. Homa says:

    Hey guys, hope you're both well. We love, love, love the pics! The big group shots are amazing, so funny too! Can't wait to see the rest of the photos, love Homa and Ben x
    p.s thank you so much for all your hard work on the day, you added such a fun element to the photos, all our guests loved you both, you're more than welcome for the food too!

  2. Andrew says:

    Waves of happy memories flooding back. Really was the most amazing day, a wonderful celebration. Niels and Ali, you are fantastic.
    Andrew and Lisa

  3. A_Fotografy says:

    Beautiful images. Love the image on the top of the stairs. Interesting light. Haven't shot wedding there yet, but looks like great place, and that roof top is a great opportunity :))
    Last image is my favorite, not sure if you work with video lights to balance the light, but it look very nice, like it.
    Great job, will pop along more often.

  4. sarah vieira da cruz says:

    I was the makeup artist of Homas wedding, how are you? I was just wondering if its possible to stick these few pics up on my website and blog. http://www.sarahdacruz.com. They are beautiful pictures, and it was very nice to meet you.

    Thanks sarah vieira da cruz

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