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Laura & David

Real Life Wedding: Dundas Castle

Laura and David picked Dundas Castle because of it’s elegant Downtown Abbey vibes…

Theirs was the most incredible  castle party: filled with love, laughter and the kind of wedding traditions that matter. The highlight of these being their naval sword arch.  Walking through it towards waiting family and friends has to be a pretty epic start to married life.

Thank you Mr and Mrs Maxwell for being the most fun pair to hang out with. We loved how relaxed you were throughout the whole day and how much you threw yourself into your party.

The lines from your wedding ceremony sum up you two perfectly:

“It’s a risk to love.
What if it doesn’t work out?
Ah, but what if it does?”

Enjoy this teaser… cannot wait to share your full collection with you.


Alie & Niels xx

Dundas Castle Weddings

Dundas Castle weddings are pretty special. If you’re thinking of holding your event there, or fancy taking an online tour have a look at their website. What you won’t be able to see is how incredible the team are (trust us as we’ve worked with them lots over the years and they are all superb).

Take a peak at our Goosebump List for more of why we love Dundas Castle.

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Wedding Venue - Dundas Castle
Photographer - Blue Sky Photography
Hair & Make-up - Laura Gray
Florist - Planet Flowers
Piper - Roddy the Piper
Strings - Capella String Quartet
Cake - Liggy's Cakes
Caterer - Heritage Portfolio
Wedding Band - The Jets

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