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07 Feb 2020

10 Unique Gift Ideas For Parents & Grandparents

We’re not sure about you, but coming up with gift ideas for our parentals is often one of the trickiest tasks. It’s fair to say that many parents and grandparents feel like they have enough “stuff” which can make finding the perfect gift for them a challenge. That’s why personal and homemade gifts are such a fab alternative to splashing out on pricey knick-knacks and gadgets that might just end up gathering dust on the shelf in a month’s time.

We’ve put together some of our favourite gift ideas for mum, dad, grandma and grandpa. And the best thing is that they’re all either handmade or memorable experiences. So whether your parents or grandparents have a birthday or a big anniversary coming up, you can find a sweet gift idea in our guide below.


Best DIY gifts for parents & grandparents

Different DIY projects completed together with your kids make for heartwarming mementoes that the grandparents are sure to treasure forever. For example, what grandparent wouldn’t love a framed drawing or watercolour painting by their grandchild? You can even ask your little one to help you decorate the frame with small seashells or pretty beads and buttons for a unique touch.

One of our favourite gift ideas for grandparents and parents is having kids make different little gifts with salt dough. It’s a cheap, easy crafting option that kids of all ages will love to get involved in. You could leave the resulting gifts white or they can be painted.

You can use salt dough to form a big, flat heart shape and get your little one to press their handprints onto it for a one of a kind memento. You could also use salt dough with the kids to make something like a set of sweet ornaments or a small, hand-shaped dish for jewellery or keys.



Experience and activity gifts for parents & grandparents

We believe that great experiences and precious memories make some of the best gift ideas. You could help your parents tick something off their bucket list with an activity voucher for something like a light aircraft flying lesson or a gin tasting. Alternatively, you could just treat them to a weekend away whether that be a glamping experience or a stay at a charming country inn

A staycation with the entire family could also be the perfect option – it’ll give all of you a chance to unwind and spend some quality time together. Or, if you’re tight on cash, organising a big family potluck in your home allows you all to make some great memories together for next to nothing.

For folks interested in genealogy and their family tree, a DNA ancestry kit is a great gift idea. They’ll be able to get greater insight into their genetic makeup by country and region and even trace their family line to the time their ancestors left Africa. Meanwhile, a subscription to something like a wine, whisky or coffee subscription service is perfect for those passionate about their brews or tipples without adding any clutter to their home.



Great photo gifts for parents & grandparents

One of our favourite gift ideas for parents and grandparents is a family photography session. Getting the whole clan together for a big family portrait allows you to capture everyone in timeless, high-quality photos that you can all enjoy looking back on for years to come. 

Buying a portrait session for your parents or grandparents is an excellent option for big anniversaries. It’ll help recapture on camera the beauty of their relationship, just like in those black and white wedding photos that have become prized family heirlooms over the years.

A family photo session is also a great chance for everyone to catch up in person, so why not head out for a meal after your shoot? Together with a family photo shoot, it makes for a memorable day out and a great gift for people who feel like they have enough “stuff”.

Alternatively, some professional, framed photographs of their grandkids would also go down a treat (particularly special for grandparents who don’t live closeby)


Family photography in Edinburgh with Blue Sky

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