Romantic Engagement Photography Ideas You’ll Love

14 Feb 2022

Edinburgh Engagement Photoshoot Ideas

Once your significant other has popped the question, things start to happen fast: from early wedding planning to your engagement party, this time is as busy as it is exciting. 

An engagement photography session gives you a chance to slow down and focus on each other, while also allowing you to make lifelong memories. And as a bonus, you can also use this opportunity to strike off a few more things from your wedding to-do list.

In order for you to have an amazing engagement session, I’ve put together the guide below so you know what to expect and how to make the most of it.


Alie xx

Why bother with engagement photographs?

Do you absolutely need an engagement photoshoot? Perhaps not, but it’s a pretty key milestone. 

But think about it: most of us don’t have our photos taken professionally very often. Our wedding photos are precious and become treasured keepsakes, but they’re also pretty formal. After all, most of us don’t wear gowns or kilts in our everyday lives.

Some more casual engagement photos give you a chance to capture the unique beauty of your relationship in a less formal setting and tell the “real” story of the two of you as a couple. At the same time, these photos will have the same gorgeous professional quality as your wedding photos and can be used as part of your wedding prep in more ways than one.

First of all, you can use your engagement session as a dry run for your hair and makeup for the big day and adjust as needed after seeing how these look in person and on camera. 

You can also use your engagement photos as part of your wedding website, save the dates, invites, or even as decor at your wedding venue.


Choosing & booking your engagement photographer

When it comes to choosing your engagement photographer, find one whose style you love and who you have good chemistry with. 

Most of us feel a little self-conscious in front of the camera, but the right person should be able to get us to relax and put down the mask in order to catch us in our natural state for photos that really reflect our true selves.

Your engagement photoshoot gives you a chance to get used to being in front of the camera. And of course you can also use this as an opportunity to get to know your wedding photographer. Which just means that come your wedding day you’re already relaxed with them.

Many wedding photographers love doing engagement photoshoots and that’s true for us at Blue Sky (Niels and I love nothing better than hanging out with our Blue Sky couples)

Photoshoot location ideas

There are two P’s to consider when choosing your engagement photography location: personal and picturesque. 

Choosing something like your favourite cafe or park as your backdrop has a unique magic to it. Or, why not choose the spot you first met (unless it was a grimy club floor – unless that’s your style!)? This way, your engagement photos really help to tell your story as a couple.

You could choose to have your photoshoot in your home town or incorporate it into a trip (any excuse for a bit of a romantic getaway in the middle of stressful wedding planning we think). 

Edinburgh certainly makes for a magical setting for engagement photos in either case. With gorgeous historical sites and stunning natural beauty, you can create some truly magical photos in this picturesque city. 

You could try a stroll down Royal Mile, sneaking a kiss on the narrow closes off it or taking in the views at Edinburgh Castle. Or alternatively, climb Calton Hill or the Crags and let the entire city be your backdrop for photos with a bit of wild beauty. Take a peak at some of our best locations for photoshoots in Edinburgh for inspiration. 


What to wear to your engagement photography session

When it comes to choosing your outfits for your engagement photography session, it’s often best to think timeless and understated. You want them to make you smile, rather than cringe, in years to come.

Colour-wise, as ever go for what suits you. As a general rule it’s often good to go for more lighter shades so as not to take attention away from your lovely faces, but jackets can also complete your look so don’t be afraid to layer up. The season will also determine your style. Summer allows for floaty dresses and perfect pastels, whereas winter is crying out for fur a-plenty . When coordinating outfits, aim for complementing rather than too matchy-matchy. 

Need more inspo? Lucky for you, we’ve got a whole article dedicated to choosing outfits for a professional photography session!

Ideas for your pictures

Looking for some inspo for what kind of shots to get on the day? Fear not, here are a couple of great ideas, from me to you:

  • Show off the ring when it’s lovely and shiny and why not get your nails done for the full effect?
  • Incorporate your furry friend – take your dog out for a walk or get your cat into the shot if you’re doing an at-home photoshoot.
  • Get some candids – take a stroll, dance, hold hands… Anything that makes you relax and interact with each other naturally. Your photographer will be able to help with this
  • Especially if you’re shooting outside in Scotland, a cosy tartan blanket you two can wrap yourself in, or you can use on the ground, can be ace.
  • For the same reason, a nice umbrella might be a good idea to bring along. Not only does it protect you from a rogue shower, but it can also double-up as a nice prop.
  • Pop some bubbly – it’s a celebration so fizz is always appropriate


Engagement photography in Edinburgh

Whether you’re a native Edinburgher or just visiting, we can make your engagement pictures truly magical. Browse some of our engagement and wedding photography and if you like what you see, get in touch. We can’t wait to hear from you.