Why Engagement Shoots are a good idea

24 May 2021

Why Engagement Shoots are a good idea

We love engagement shoots. For so many reasons…. they are photoshoots filled with the excitement and anticipation of what’s to come. And at the same time a fantastic way of recording your relationship to that stage (before the wedding day). Getting to know our Blue Sky couples is quite literally at the heart of all we do and so this is the perfect way to hang-out and create some special memories at the same time.

If you’re wondering if an engagement shoot is for you, read on for our 5 reasons why we think engagement shoots are a good idea.


1. You get used to the camera

Would you be surprised if you knew most of our couples didn’t feel confident in front of the camera. It’s not a comfortable place for a lot of people. Whether it’s because years of being forced as child to say “cheese” for family photographs (I can relate), or it’s lots of bad phone pics from various nights out, there’s a reason we often don’t like photographs of ourselves. Because they aren’t good photographs. They look awkward, or messy, or the flash has obliterated all colour and definition from your face.

Engagement shoots are a safe place where you can get used to the camera and not be afraid of it. Our job is to put you at ease so we capture the best of you. Every time.

We cannot express how important and valuable it is to spend time with Niels and Alie before the craziness (and of course amazingness) of your wedding day. Just spending a couple of hours with them away from any stress or distraction helped us to become relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera.
We almost forget that the cameras are even there! Niels and Alie have the best chat to take you away from thinking “am I standing in the right position? Is my hair ok? etc….”
We absolutely loved our time and the photos that came from it.

Emily & Cammy

2. We get to know you (and vice versa)

Getting to know you is a hugely important part of our job. Actually it’s one of our favourite parts. We love hearing how you first met, how the proposal happened and of course all about the plans for your wedding day. The more we know the better as it helps us understand you and what matters most. It also works the other way: you get to know us. As you do you’ll move beyond seeing us as “the photographers” and start seeing us as “Niels and Alie”. Then you let go and trust us. And that is when the magic happens.

3. Your story so far is important

Remember that your wedding day is only part of the story of you two as a couple. One of the joys of engagement shoots is that we can capture some of the other bits of your life together: your favourite beach walk, time you spend on the hills with your dog, the place where you’ve revisited a hundred times over the years and had lots of those all-important conversations (perhaps even the question itself was popped there)

Why not plan an engagement shoot around a location that means a lot to you? Over the years we’ve visited favourite woods, secret beaches and family cottages in the middle of nowhere.

We love to take images of you two that tells something of who you are before your wedding day. That’s special.

4. To prove that you are photogenic

How many times have we heart the phrase “we’re just not that photogenic” ? We love it when our couples see pictures of themselves that they’re happy with. The truth is we believe everybody is photogenic. Few of us may have the supermodel gene (would we really want it?). Our job is to capture that smile, that look between you, those moments when you’re most at ease. For us that is gold as those are the kind of photographs that you will love and that will last a lifetime. When you look back on them you’ll undoubtedly say “wow I was actually quite photogenic” ????


5. Perfect gifts or wedding day styling

One of the lovely outcomes of an engagement shoot is you have brilliant photographs of the two of you together that you can gift. Parents will always be delighted with these kind of forever presents. And they are the kind of photographs you’d be proud to have on your wall. We’ve also seen clients use them for on the day styling – perfect  for the top of piano or fireplace in your wedding venue. Have a peak here for inspiration.

Let's plan your engagement shoot

If you’re considering an engagement shoot and would love to chat further get in touch. We’d love to help you plan it. Trust us it could be one of the best decisions you’ve made,


Alie x