We’ve loved the last twelve months of weddings…

20 Mar 2010

We’ve loved the last twelve months of weddings…

Blue Sky has been so much fun this year and we’ve had the privilege of meeting and getting to know so many amazing people. As our blog is one year old today we thought we’d share a few of the things we loved about our weddings over the last 12 months…


  • We’ve loved getting to know you, sharing a coffee, hearing how you met, finding out what was important to you on your wedding day.
  • We’ve loved catching up before your wedding and capturing some pictures of you two together in your favourite spots.
  • We’ve loved knocking on the door, saying hello at the start of your big day, helping you with the last minute details – your dress that needed a little lacing; the buttonholes that had to be pinned.
  • We’ve  loved your dress – the lace, the fabric, the neckline, the colour – your perfect dress.
  • We’ve loved your arrivals – in a camper van; in a horse and cart;
  • We’ve  loved watching you walk down the aisle – your breathtaking entrance; with your dad; with your mum; with your kids…
  • We’ve loved watching you dance up the aisle again to awesome music!
  • We’ve loved capturing all your little details – your wedding rings, your gorgeous stationery; your table settings.
  • We’ve loved how meaningful your ceremony was – your personal vows; your minister you knew so well; you’d thought about your music and readings.
  • We’ve loved meeting your parents and seeing their delight – baking cakes; making sweets; arranging the flowers.
  • We’ve loved working with you in all weather – the roasting hot day in May, that exceptionally wet day in May (or the even wetter one in July!), the blue sky at the start of autumn and the stunning winter wonderlands.
  • We’ve loved your thoughtfulness and interest in us – from boxes of treats to cards and emails that made us cry, your scented candle, your bouquet (arranged from the other side of the world in your wedding colours from our favourite florist)
  • We’ve loved your theming – the country and western; the vintage; the butterflies; the homespun.
  • We’ve loved your shoes – amazing heels; cowboy wellies; pink shoes; red shoes; purple shoes.
  • We’ve loved that you picked Scotland to get married in – even though you’d never visited before.
  • We’ve loved your little hand-written cards for your guests; the poems you shared; the hanky you made for Mum.
  • We’ve loved that your wedding was about you two and your closest friends and family.
  • We’ve loved that when we met you the day before your wedding we already felt as though you were great friends we’d known for years.
  • We’ve loved discovering your incredible wedding venues – the places where you whispered I do; working with your trusted people, from film, flowers to food.
  • We’ve loved how you pushed our creativity and challenged us to make wow shots.
  • We’ve loved getting to know your friends, from wonderful bridesmaids and hilarious bestmen to Uncle Bill and of course ‘Betty’.
  • We’ve loved all the laughs we shared and the little moments that made your day so special.
  • We’ve loved when you ask for advice and said “guys, do you know…?”
  • We’ve loved your wedding breakfast – the thought you put into it; your planning, you delighted your guests with an Italian feast.
  • We’ve loved the speeches you gave, right from the heart…the stories and the gifts.
  • We’ve loved how you love your photographs.
  • We’ve loved your trust in us, how you threw yourselves completely in; from walking barefoot round a pond to pulling on your boots under your dress and heading out into the snow… even a snow-covered beach.
  • We’ve loved the secrets we’ve shared – surprises for parents, surprises for each other (those trainers were fantastic) and surprises for guests (from ice-cream vans to chinese lanterns).
  • We’ve loved your first dance – nobody guessed you’d been practising –  it was brilliant!
  • We’ve loved how your first dance included everyone and had the room bouncing.
  • We’ve loved your party – your DJ, your awesome ceilidh band, your iPod with handpicked playlists.
  • We’ve loved your cake – your cheese cake; your cupcakes; your homemade cake; your hand-designed bride and groom.
  • We’ve loved creating your albums – your amazing ideas; your excitement;  your attention to detail; the anticipation;  your story coming together; your tears as you saw it for the first time.
  • We’ve loved how you got to know us as people, friends, as well as your photographers.
  • We’ve loved crafting our blog and hearing from our blog stalkers
  • We’ve loved you inviting us to be a part of your once in a lifetime day.


Thank you for that privilege. It’s something we never take for granted. This is for you – our truly amazing brides and grooms of the last twelve months…


Love, Alie and Niels x



PS – To enjoy this movie in at it’s best, hit High Definition (HD), go full screen, make a mug of coffee, be patient, download it all, turn your speakers up and enjoy… Happy memories!

Big thanks to Steve for his help converting this file – we’ve loved working with you over this last year!

We’d love you to share your loves over the last year – pop us a comment and leave us your thoughts below…