The Blue Sky Photography DNA | The Soap Co

02 Apr 2020

The Blue Sky Photography DNA | The Soap Co

It might sound ridiculous that we, as a family run photography studio in Edinburgh, actually care about what soap we use in our washroom. But we do. It’s just the Blue Sky way.

Detail. It’s in our DNA.

Our hand soap and lotion are made by The Soap Co, a remarkable London based, social enterprise.

The collections are hand-crafted in the United Kingdom by people who are blind, disabled or otherwise disadvantaged. It’s an unashamed antidote to mass-production.

There are so many reasons why we love The Soap Co. Let’s kick off with that their products smell amazing. They’re also vegan and cruelty free. We decided on the Black Poppy and Wild Fig range for the studio – but believe me, it was a tough decision.

Then, can we please admire the The Soap Co branding? It’s crazy cool. As a design conscious bunch, we think it’s pretty on point.

Oooh and the bottles they use are locally sourced (made with old milk bottles) and are fully recyclable. Eco-credential-tick. Less-plastic-tick.

The Soap Co is utterly powered by people – 80% of the team are blind, disabled or otherwise disadvantaged. This stands as a testimony to see ability over disability in our places of work.

As my own sister has Down’s Syndrome and has never has a safe, supportive place of work it’s hugely encouraging that there is a radical revolutionary approach to employment out there. I salute and thank you The Soap Co.

So next time you’re visiting the washrooms at Blue Sky Photography please enjoy washing your hands. In fact, we positively encourage you to visit twice.


Niels x