The Big Swap

01 Mar 2010

The Big Swap

It’s Monday morning, (after an amazing weekend… more of that later this week!) and at around 10.00am Niels will probably say “time for coffee?” and then around 10.30am he’ll wander through to start the process of making one…

It’s a bit of a labour of love (to know Niels is to experience his perfectionism!)…you’ve got to make sure the machine is hot enough to build up enough pressure; the mugs should be nice and warm; ice cold milk is important – it froths better (as does whole milk);  tamp in the coffee (not too firmly though or else the espresso will be bitter);  steam the milk – don’t scald it (or make it scream – that’s baad!) Phew – there’s a fair bit involved in a simple mug of caffeine, but we believe it’s worth it.  Why? Because we care.

We value great coffee, but we also value fair coffee. All of our tea and coffee from our amazing, oh so yummy, coffee merchant, is fairtrade. We think it makes a difference. This is the second week of Fairtrade Fortnight, where the fairtrade association have launched the Big Swap.

The Big Swap is about encouraging folks to swap their usual for a Fairtrade. And if you’ve read this far, we love it if you’d consider swapping your usual for a fairtrade.

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