From the Heart

12 Feb 2017

From the Heart

The Best Version of Us

At the start of a new year we all have so many goals and resolutions for the year ahead. I love this time of focus, and yet I also find it quite hard. Warning – this is a ‘from the heart’ post…

It comes from a place I find myself in far too often: that place of feeling I need to achieve more, work harder, be a better parent, be more organised, be fitter, be more on top of things and generally just be on 100% of things 100% of the time.

Do you want to know a secret? It’s just not possible. Not even for the most multi-tasking superhuman. I’m good, but I’m not that good!

The problem with aiming for perfection is that it’s all about us vs everyone else. And how is that ever going to help? The truth is we all have busy lives and none of us is perfect. And that is ok.

How about if instead of striving for perfection I just aimed for ‘best’? And not anyone else’s best, but my best.

How about in 2017 we all aimed to be the best versions of ourselves and that is all? No comparison, just ourselves…

So personally I’m going to have some simple rules for the rest of the year – be kinder to myself, give myself a break and do one thing at a time. Anyone else with me?

Alie x

Yay - you totally did it