Studio photography vs location shoots

18 Mar 2018

5 reasons we love studio family photoshoots

You may be deciding whether a location or studio shoot is best for your family. Let us help you our as we share our top 5 of why we love studio photography for family photoshoots so much.

1. You're guaranteed results whatever the weather, time of day or season

This really matters for family shoots where different generations are involved. Between toddlers and Grandparents location shoots can be challenging if the weather is not playing ball.

With it’s beautiful big high ceilings and large windows, our Edinburgh townhouse studio is perfectly suited for families of all ages and stages. Our lounge is a great space to chill for larger family groups and we have two  washrooms (it’s often the little things that matter!)

We can control also the studio temperature and make sure it is cosy and inviting for all. We know that the more at home the family feels, the better results we’ll get.

2. You'll always look at your best

In our studio, we’re always on your side and we have full control of the lighting, location and environment. As professional photographers, we’ll use a combination of them all to make you look amazing.

We can flatter your body shape and enhance your best bits with good lighting and posing which you can’t get when you are running along a beach chasing your toddler!

As family photographers we also want to show you as a unit, so it’s important for you to get cuddled in together. For that a cosy comfy studio works perfectly.

3. Your images won't date with the seasons (or your old North Face fleece)

We’re all about beautiful, timeless images and will guide you as to what to wear to get cracking results. We’re able to suggest how to style your photoshoot so you’ll get a cohesive look to your family photographs.

Whether you want to be more dressed up, or more casual (or even both) we can help guide and allow time and space for changing.

We know that what you wear will matter as you’ll see it on your wall for many years to come.

4. Your kids will have fun!

Our experience has been that kids often respond better to the boundaries of a studio setting. Perhaps it helps that we have a fab, warm, safe space here at Blue Sky for them to enjoy.

If you’ve ever had a 2 year-old, then you’ll remember well that phase where they love the game of chase. Just imagine that for a whole location shoot…

In the studio we can turn that to our advantage and have them play chase in here. Trust us, it’s a lot more fun and less exhausting for all!

And after they’ve had a ball in the studio you can even pop into our friends and neighbours at Luca’s Ice Cream for a post-shoot treat. Win win!

 5. You'll be the star of the your family photoshoot

The beauty of a studio family shoot is that you can concentrate on the people in the frame and not be distracted by the background.

We are big fans of having ‘negative space’ in images. It not only looks beautiful, giving the image breathing space but also gives lots of flexibility about where the finished product can be placed in your home:  it will work as well in a contemporary penthouse as a traditional Edinburgh tenement.

Get in touch if we can help you plan your next family photoshoot, or book your family photoshoot in the online shop.