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23 Jun 2021

3 Top Tips for Photographing Siblings at Newborn Photoshoots

Siblings at your newborn photoshoot? We love them.

Yes it’s a different pace from a newborn shoot with your first born, but has its own kind of magic. Is there anything more precious than those early interactions between brand new brothers and sisters? And it allows you time to slow down and appreciate your brand new little person afresh.

We’ve put together 3 of our top tips for having siblings as part of a newborn photoshoot.


Alie x

1. Go with the Flow

When it comes to little people (especially toddlers) we’re a great believer in going with the flow. As soon as they realise you’re trying to co-erce them in to something you’ve lost. It has to be fun and it has to be something they want to do. We always say take your time and go with the flow.

If your toddler is more interested in their snack, or their toys let them be. We always allow plenty of time for newborn photoshoots so there is no rush. We’ve also got a great collection of toys here in the studio so we can virtually guarantee your kids will be delighted to hang out here. In fact sometimes the challenge is leaving the toys behind.

Our best advice is to relax and not try and force sibling love if it’s not immediately forthcoming. We’ve lots of tricks up our sleeve and you wouldn’t believe the number of times the kisses and the cuddles come unprompted.


2. Prepare before your photoshoot

Before heading to the studio for your photoshoot make sure everyone is well-rested and fed to avoid any stress.

If you’re juggling the needs of a newborn as well as older children you know the morning will be full-on. We’d always suggest that you lay out what you’re taking the night before.

Here’s a handy checklist: plain vests (for baby and toddler), nappies (for baby and possibly toddler), clothes for all (yours as well as kids… and remember to pop a change of top in just in case), snacks for older kids, toys for older kids, any favourites baby blankets or toys as gifts (particularly if your older child has given a present to baby)

Opting for solid colours for your outfits can work well, as busy patterns can be over-dominant, while logos tend to get dated quickly and can be distracting. You’ll want to look your best, but also relaxed, so choose an outfit you feel comfy in. We know full well that when you’ve just had a baby and you have another child under 5, dressing up feels like a challenge. Our best advice? Pick a top that you love that makes you feel special and then stick a pair of jeans on and you’ll look fab.


3. Make your older child feel special

With young kids, the key to any good family photo session is getting them excited for it. Tell them how much fun it’ll be and that they can run around and play rather than pose rigidly in place. Warning them about what will happen if they don’t behave will only make them dread the experience and feel nervous.

Kids usually prefer knowing what lies ahead, so best not to surprise them with the studio visit as you’ll want to avoid any tantrums when you arrive at the studio. Tell them about the photography session well in advance and remember that an excited, enthusiastic attitude is often contagious (yes this works for reluctant adults too)

Your older child may be feeling a bit left out with new baby’s arrival. We recognise this and always take time to engage with your older child. They need to feel special to feel a part of the photoshoot. Why not encourage them to make the photoshoot theirs. You might even like to bring along a toy camera so your child feels involved in the whole experience.

We tend to start with family and sibling photos where possible to allow your older kids a break to play or a visit to the park (good to know that we have Falcon kids play park just down the road from the studio)

Packing some favourite snacks and drinks is also a good idea. Favourite treats can create that little incentive to get title people to stay in zone for just a wee bit longer. 


Timeless newborn photography in Edinburgh

If you’re looking for the perfect studio for your newborn photoshoot in Edinburgh, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out if we’re the right fit. Our cosy studio in Morningside offers a warm and intimate photography experience, yet it can handle even the biggest of families. We love capturing babies with beautiful, classic photography. And older siblings at newborn photoshoots are always welcome. 


Alie x