Roundsquare Coffeehouse

01 Oct 2018

Meet the Neighbours – Roundsquare Coffee House

Living and working in Morningside we are blessed with one or two rather good coffee shops. Among our favourites has to be Roundsquare, just a short hop, skip and a jump from our studio.

Not that I’m competitive in any way (ahem), but when the boys at Roundsquare suggested a coffee making competition between Lindsay (a fellow member of the Morningside Traders Association) and I, we jumped at the chance.

The boys skill and understanding of all things coffee is impressive (check out the technical score sheet Lindsay and I were both rated on!) Respect. And the boys’ banter is of the highest order.

Who won the battle of the flat white? We both did 😉

When you’re next visiting the studio, pop into Roundsquare and make yourselves at home…