Queensberry – made by hand

01 Dec 2017

We head over heels believe in albums. That’s why we’ve partnered with Queensberry for over a decade to turn our wedding collections into forever memories in their sublime, handcrafted books.

Queensberry albums are, without question, the finest in the world. They’re handmade jewels; beautiful works of art.  When you first touch one you know you’re holding something special.

One of the foundations that underpins all Queensberry’s ethos is time honoured, skilled, handcrafted love. Not mass produced, but artisan, one of a kind. Exclusively yours. We just wouldn’t want to give our brides and grooms anything less.

To discover something of Queensberry, drop us a line and we’ll pop coffee into the diary.

Thanks to Justin, part of the Queensberry team in New Zealand for sharing these images with us.