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International Floral Art – Planet Flowers

12 Feb 2010

We worked with the amazing Planet Flowers team last Autumn on a top secret shoot for International Floral Art 2010/2011.

Think an amazing, high end, lifestyle coffee table book of cutting edge floral design for the style conscious flower designers and you’ll be on the right lines!

We’ve just heard that some shots from this sequence have been selected to grace the pages of this publication – big, (well deserved!) congratulations to Gemma and the Planet Team and we’re so chuffed to be able to take the shots and share them with you all now. Enjoy! How exactly did they sculpt leaves into a turban… answers on a postcard please!

Planet Flowers at Hopetoun House

Planet Flowers at Hopetoun House

Tigers with crowns at Hopetoun House

Planet Flowers at Hopetoun House