Commercial Photography: How do I pivot my business?

08 Sep 2020

Switching from restaurant to takeaway during the COVID pandemic

How do you pivot a business during a global pandemic? It’s not easy to rethink how you do things at the best of times (let alone when the sand is shifting round you and changing daily…)

Our friends at Honeycomb & Co were faced with this very issue during the COVID crisis, having to close their modern eatery in Bruntsfield. They reopened when it was safe to do so as a takeaway cafe and added into the mix Honeycomb to Go – their incredible ranges of food that could be taken away and enjoyed at home.

How do you change direction that a business has gone in for years (even decades) in a matter of days? It’s hard.

It takes guts, fight and determination. Yet sometimes, just sometimes, that extra pressure to make a call forces you to make instinctive decisions that you would probably inevitably make (but may ordinarily agonise over…)

Key to this change is communicating your new offering with your customers and client base. Use your newsletter, instagram and facebook.

Take beautiful pictures. Share the story and turn your pivot into a great news story.

Always see it from your customers point of view. How does this change in business direction make a positive impact on their life?

Pivoting can be hard. Pivoting can also be scary.
But sometimes not going full circle is even more scary.

If you’re going through a moment of change in your business, we’ve got your photography back. Who knows where your shift could take you…