One hell of a party

27 Apr 2017

Imagine your reaction when you’re invited to a birthday party described as “Black Tie with a Devilish Touch” – pretty cool don’t you think?
So, as a bunch of creatives, you can begin to understand how our creative juices went into overdrive when invited to cover this event.

So, let me fill you in on the details – the backdrop was the utterly iconic Mansfield Traquair in Edinburgh (and, as an aside, there are few other venues that this could work as well in!); the look was designed by the brilliant Heritage Portfolio team there, assisted by the unstoppable #PlanetBees from Planet Flowers.

One hell of a party was had…


Mansfield_Traquair_Edinburgh_13 Mansfield_Traquair_Edinburgh_14 Mansfield_Traquair_Edinburgh_15 Mansfield_Traquair_Edinburgh_16 Mansfield_Traquair_Edinburgh_17 Mansfield_Traquair_Edinburgh_18 Mansfield_Traquair_Edinburgh_19