The Blue Sky Photography DNA | Origin Coffee

01 Jun 2020

The Blue Sky Photography DNA | Origin Coffee

It might sound ridiculous that we, as a family run photography studio in Edinburgh, actually care about what coffee we brew in our studio. But we do. It’s just the Blue Sky way.

Detail. It’s in our DNA.

Our journey with our coffee crew stretches over a decade. It all began sitting high on a clifftop at Fifteen Cornwall… Alie and I were on holiday having brunch with most wonderful friends of ours and we ordered a cafetière of coffee. And another. And quite possibly another.

The coffee was superb and quite literally blew our mind. So much so that we had to find out where the coffee was from. And so we discovered the legends at Origin Coffee.

It’s funny how these small things make a lasting impression us isn’t it?

Now a restaurant having great coffee is to be expected. But a photography studio? But for us the coffee you receive at the studio matters. Because we this touchpoint with Blue Sky shows we care. And if we care that much about your coffee, then just think how much we care about your photography.

When you receive a mug of coffee from us, it’s much more than just a mug of coffee. You’re getting a little bit of “us”. And you’ll find we’re generous people.

Simply superlative coffee awaits you at the studio (soon)

We look forward to serving you with your very own mug of mind-blowing coffee just as soon as we’re able.


Niels x

PS – if you want to order some coffee to fuel your day, hop over to Origin Coffee and use the discount code COFFEE20 – valid through to 30 June 2020. You’re most welcome.