Myeloma Awareness Week 2019

27 Jun 2019

Myeloma: there’s no more time for silence

Sometimes you get an email that just hits you. That’s exactly what happened when we heard about the incredible work of Myeloma UK and the project to raise awareness of this still relatively unknown disease.

Sarah recently met and photographed some incredible individuals who have battled with Myeloma, personally, or with a loved one.

Each is 100% behind the campaign to stop the silence and raise awareness for a cancer that has remained a silent killer for too long.

Myeloma, also known as multiple myeloma, is a blood cancer arising from plasma cells. At any one time there are around 17,500 people living with myeloma in the UK. It accounts for 2% of all cancers and while it mainly affects those over the age of 65, it has been diagnosed in people much younger.

Myeloma UK is the only organisation in the United Kingdom dealing exclusively with myeloma, and they receive no government funding. They rely completely on donations to continue vital work in supporting myeloma patients and their families, and working toward our ultimate goal of finding a cure.

We’d love you to pop over to Facebook and spend a few minutes watching the incredible films by The Edinburgh Film Company created for Myeloma UK; films telling real stories from real people.

And don’t forget anyone can donate to help this deserving charity. Click on their page and follow the simple steps. Thank you.


Alie (and Sarah) x