Mothers Day 2021 - gifts

07 Mar 2021

Mothers Day Gift

Mothers Day gift ideas are sometimes hard to get right. You want to spoil our mum with a really special gift that says you care. But what to buy? This Mother’s Day may I be so bold as to suggest you buy your mum a photo shoot as the perfect present this year?

If lockdown has taught us anything it’s the importance of memories and loving our favourite people. We know this is the kind of gift every mum would love.

It’s a perfect for new mums, to slightly older mums, and of course to much cherished Great-Grans.  These ladies in our lives are so important as they’ve made us and shaped us.

We don’t always have those all-important photographs with our Mums. If yours is anything like mine she’ll dodge the camera wherever possible. And sad to say I wish I could go back and take more photographs with my grandparents.

So we’ve created the perfect photography gift voucher so you can say thank you to every mum. We’ve extended the length of the voucher to 18 months (so that you can include Granny too and have proper big hugs!)

As soon as our studio re-opens (trust us we cannot wait) you can book your shoot in. For now you have a lovely voucher and something for Mum to look forward to.

Alie x

Gift of photographs with Mum

We think photographs with Mum matter for so many reasons. So what could be a more perfect Mother’s Day gift that giving her a photoshoot?


Children (of all ages) love seeing photographs of their parents. That’s a fact. How many of us have spent time leafing through old family photograph albums, or framing beloved family moments. The challenge nowadays is that so many of our images are stuck on phones that we don’t ever print. A professional photoshoot with Mum allows your family to have photographs that can be printed and enjoyed for years to come.


I love that we have some Mums who have come back year after year to Blue Sky for their photoshoot. That is so special for so many reasons, not least because we get to see how the children have grown. It’s also pretty fabulous when Granny gets to come along too and we can capture three generations.


Looking back at photographs with your Mum and with your kids will always transport you back in time. Memories like this are so precious and we feel super privliged to capture that. You should also know that our studio is a  home-from-home space where everyone is welcome and where families of all ages can relax and enjoy the experience. The space and vibe allows us to take those timeless and natural images that will stand the test of time. For us it’s all about legacy.


So often Mums are not in photographs as they are the ones taking the photographs, so our Mother’s Day photoshoots are about capturing relationships and making sure Mum is present in photographs with the kids.


The voucher we’ve created for Mother’s Day is valid for 18 months so that there’s plenty time to arrange the shoot when our studio is open. You could even time the booking along with a birthday or special occasion to make it that bit more meaningful. Just contact us in advance for any particular dates you have in mind as we can book that in now.


If your purchasing this as a gift you could always add to the gift by organising a hair stylist or nail treatment. Now, more than we’re all looking forward to getting back to a bit of pampering. Our studio is situated near some fab salons… we have Kids Stop (it’s in the name, but they are just superb with kids)  and MacGregors who do hair and beauty. Further round the corner into Bruntsfield you have the fabulous Cheynes. And then across the road from us the Wax Bar also has a superb nail bar. We are pretty spoilt for choice in Morningside when it comes to pampering.

Mothers Day Photoshoot