Commercial Photography: Morningside Gallery, Edinburgh

05 Apr 2020

Meet our neighbours: The team at Morningside Gallery

If you’ve ever paused on-route to the Blue Sky Photography studio, or have waited at the traffic lights outside our door, the chances are your eyes will have been taken by something beautiful in the window of Morningside Gallery.

This local art gallery is something of a treasure in Morningside. You’ll walk in the and immediately feel calm – perhaps it’s the inviting atmosphere, the gentle music drifting across the threshold, the sense of space as you enjoy the artwork, or the warm welcome of the gallery team.

And if you’ve never yet visited? Plenty of time to change that. We’d say get yourself along there as soon as you can.

Till then, you can peruse their swish new website and explore their gorgeous collections of art and sculpture online (which has been designed by our brilliant building chums, 39steps).

We’ve had the privilege of working with Eileadh and the team for a number of months and have loved every single shoot we’ve completed with them. Not only are they the nicest bunch out there, but the impeccable eye they have for selecting interesting sculptures and and unique artists deserves respect.

It always leads to much debate amongst the Blue Sky team about our particular favourite at any given time!

We love that we get to call Morningside Gallery our neighbours and friends. So next time you’re at Blue Sky towers, pop into number 94 and say hi to our chums in the gallery downstairs.


Niels x