Commercial photography: Linton & Co Handcrafted Brownies

27 Mar 2020

Linton & Co handcrafted chocolate brownie heaven through your letterbox

Anyone else love getting exciting parcels through the mail?

Imagine finding a box of handcrafted Linton & Co chocolate brownies lying on your doormat. I think you’d be struggling to find a more decadent and thoughtful token of love than this. I mean, who doesn’t love brownies?

What’s more, the husband and wife team behind these beauties are just out-of-this-world-amazing. We’ve had the joy of knowing Lara and Alex for many years as they have travelled the length and breadth of the country with Bernard, a super cool Citroen H Van from where they serve their artisan coffee and legendary Linton & Co chocolate brownies.

First came Bernard with the coffee, then came the brownies. Of course everyone fell in love with the brownies with customers wishing they could indulge on them at home, and so…

Now you can get your own Linton & Co chocolate brownie fix through the post. Yes you read that correctly. Brownies. Through. The. Post.

Feast yourself on flavours that include original chocolate, triple chocolate, peanut butter and strawberry jam, salted caramel and raspberry and chocolate (available seasonally).

In this time of hibernation you could either lick your screen or better still, order a box of brownies and slowly put the world to rights one bite at a time.


Niels x

PS – We’ve heard that, due to the current lockdown, Linton & Co brownies through the mail is on temporary hold just now. Best thing to do is follow Linton & Co on Instagram and you’ll be in the know when you can sample these brownie delights for yourself. N x

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