Last days at School

29 Jun 2018

Final days at primary school

And in the blink of an eye, seven years have passed… today marked a significant day in the lives of Alie, Sarah and I. Our eldest children both left their primary schools for the last time. Gulp.

It sounds cliched, but it literally feels like the other day we were leaving our son at school for his first day. And here we are parents of an amazing 11 year-old boy who has already achieved so much, overcome many fears and tackled lots of challenges. And that’s before he hits high school. Eek!

One of the lovely things from today was that each of the P7s was given a yearbook, filled with memories and photographs from throughout their primary seven years. And again it hit us how important photography is – telling stories of things learned, friendships made and growing up happening before our eyes.

Our role as photographers is to tell something of the unique story of ordinary, yet extraordinary people – be that in our wedding, family or mini shoots. It’s a job we cherish and one we never take for granted.

Niels xxx

PS – while we’re talking school, remember we have our Back to School Shoots ready for booking now (perfect for new high school kids as well as primary pupils…)