Jane & Russell’s Pre-Wedding Shoot, Caeverlock Castle, Dumfries

13 May 2011

Jane & Russell’s Pre-Wedding Shoot, Caeverlock Castle, Dumfries

Ok so these guys are kinda famous in the Blue Sky World… remember our little heart cookie cutter competition? Check out the winning entry by Jane and Russell.


And Jane saved her prize of her biscuiteers biscuits for the party she held to celebrate the Royal Wedding. Love it! Seriously – those biscuits are soo good. Anyway, we digress!


These two are super-chilled and the perfect fit for each other. Russell proposed over a cup of tea (well actually two cups of tea as Jane insisted on making the first so Russell had to make another so he could hide Jane’s ring at the bottom of the cup) Inspired!


What a gorgeous day it was as we travelled down to Dumfries to meet up with these two for their pre-wedding shoot. Jane and Russell picked top locations in Caeverlock castle and then as Russell put it “some rusty yards you might like by the water”. Turned out it was in a fab little village called Glencaple…and we played a little game of spot Russell’s family. Perfect!


Jane and Russell what a fab day we had with you exploring some of your favourite spots. We loved too that we could visit the church you’ll get married in next year. So special.


Looking forward to catching-up soon for more great chat and some wedding planning.


Enjoy some of our faves.