Commercial photography: Ingrid Sawers, pianist

12 Jul 2019

Ingrid Sawers, pianist Edinburgh

I have always wanted to play the piano. Like always. So, you can only imagine that I was slightly in awe of Ingrid Sawers, a hugely talented pianist, chamber musician and accompanist who I was invited to photograph.

I knew I was in for a treat as Ingrid had managed to pull a few strings and had arranged permission to shoot some new promotional images on location at the University of Edinburgh in one of their magnificent concert halls, the Reid Concert Hall.

With not one, but two Steinway D concert grand pianos, a piano lift (who knew such things existed!) and a couple of different outfits for Ingrid we managed some effortlessly cool shots.

If you see Ingrid Sawer’s name on a piano concert billing (hopefully alongside one of my images) then add it to your list of must-sees.



P.S. Ingrid did say that it was never too late for me to start learning piano, so you never know…