From the Heart

09 Apr 2017

From the Heart

Proper Rest

“Our work is never fully finished. And that’s why we don’t allow time for rest”

This one is close to my heart. If you’re anything like me, rest means grabbing a quick 5 minute cup of tea or coffee between tasks. Or sitting down after the kids are in bed and I’ve finished work (both of which seem to be getting progressively later with age) and falling asleep in front of the TV. Proper rest? Er not so much.

Then there are those rare days off. You know those ones – where you’re not ‘working’ but you realise you need to tackle the laundry basket, or the piles of ‘stuff’. And keep going until it’s all done. Except it’s never done so the piles of things get left for another day…

So when I read “Rhythms of Rest” by Shelly Miller recently (huge thanks to Lady V for this gift) I was a little blown away by the idea of resting completely and utterly. Is that even possible?

“What would wasting time look like for you right now? Curling up with a page turner? Instead of flipping through the latest issue of Vogue, perhaps lingering over each page? Chatting with a friend on the phone for more than a few minutes? Meandering through a park without looking at your watch?”

OK here’s challenge: set at least an hour a week set aside to do nothing.

I will if you will…
Alie x

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