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Don’t tell anyone, but we secretly love questions.  They simply show you care and are interested in discovering more about Blue Sky Photography and what we do.

To help you, find answers to frequently asked questions below. If your question isn’t listed, simply call the studio on 0131 447 1100 or email and we’ll get right on it.

Wedding photography frequently asked questions

Do all wedding options include an album?

Yes. We head over heels believe in albums that’s why. Because albums matter.

We believe weddings need something lasting. After all the cake is eaten, the champagne is drunk and the dress is cleaned and hung in your mum’s spare room your wedding album is forever.

We use the most exclusive albums in the world – Queensberry.

Do you always cover a weddings as a team of two, as husband and wife?

Yes – we work as husbands and wife and have shot Blue Sky weddings together for fifteen years. That’s given us an unparalleled breadth of experience and we almost know what each other is thinking before they’ve thought it. 

Our way of working is different from some other photographers who may work with a bank of second shooters and photographers who may vary from one wedding to the next.

You’ll get Niels and Alie and our skill, expertise and passion every wedding.

The only exception is for a more intimate, mid-week wedding which has a smaller number of guests and only would require condensed coverage.  This is when we’d be able to offer our Mini Blue Sky wedding option. This usually has coverage by one photographer only.

How do you take payment? 

We take payment in three stages; a booking fee, a pre wedding payment and the final balance payment when you sign off your album design post-wedding day. 

Firstly: a £500 booking fee;
Then: A pre-wedding balance (which may depending on your option selected);
 £500 when you sign off your album (plus any additional optional upgrades you may wish to add into your album). 

We take payment by debit or credit card, BACS or AMEX.

All our charges are inclusive of VAT at the current rate. 

Can you hold our wedding date for us? 

Due to the number of enquiries we receive, we’re sadly unable to hold wedding dates.

If we’re the ones for you, let us know.  To confirm your date, we’ll send you our booking pack and deposit request invoice for £500.

How much do you charge for wedding photography?

We’re not the cheapest wedding photographers out there nor are we the most expensive. We charge appropriately for our skill, quality of imagery and level of service.

All our options include two cracking photographers, with all day coverage, a bespoke designed, luxury Queensberry wedding album, online album with your complete wedding collection and new for 2019 mobile app and collection of thank you cards.

We have three wedding options which start from £2,300.

If you’re planning an intimate, mid-week wedding we have created a mini Blue Sky option which starts from £900.

Request our wedding guide for full options.

Have you shot a wedding at my wedding venue before?

We’ve been privileged to shoot at many amazing venues the length and breadth of Scotland. We’ve profiled some of our most loved venues on here.

You can also search on our blog to see if we’ve shot at your chosen venue before too – chances are we have…

However, one of the joys of the job is also discovering new venues that we’ve not visited  before – whether we’ve worked at your venue or not before, we’ve bags of experience and technical know-how up our sleeve to let us work our magic.

Just tell us where and when and leave the rest to us. 

Do you only provide all day coverage?

Yes – we’re storytellers and believe your wedding day story begins with preparations and continues through to the dancing and party of the evening.

Are we able to have all the photographs digitally?

We understand that some of our clients like the security of having all of their images on USB. We are happy to create one for you. It’s simply £700 for your USB and full copyright on your collection of wedding photographs.

Your USB will be provided with your wedding album.

We do not offer a digital files only option – all our wedding options include a bespoke Queensberry album. 

How far do you travel? 

We love travelling to different wedding locations across the country – it’s one of the perks of our job. From Inverness to Australia and everywhere between, if you peek through our blog and see how far we’ve gone.

We have an inclusive 50 mile allowance which we start from the studio postcode of EH10 4BY in Edinburgh. Anything over-and-above this 50 mile allowance simply chargeable at our mileage rate which is 60p per mile.

We logically may need to charge for overnight accommodation if you’re inviting us to far flung corners of the country. We’ll plan this with you if this is the case. 

Portrait photography frequently asked questions

Do I get access to the digital images?

We know that clients want to have the images in digital format so we have created a couple of options for this.

You are welcome to purchase digital images with copyright (allowing you the files at full high res to print and share as you’d like). These are available in bundles of 5 and start at £400. They are great for images you want multiple copies of and can work well for our large family groups.

If you choose to invest in wall art as many families do (beautiful fully finished products of your favourite images) we can include our lovely mobile app, which gives you access to your favourite images on your phone all of the time.

It’s basically the best of both worlds. Art for the wall and digital images on your phone to share and enjoy on the go.

What should we wear for a family shoot?

Wear clothes you feel yourself in, but also clothes that make you feel good (best to leave the cardi with the holes at home and bring the little jacket/blouse that makes you feel amazing).

Co-ordinating with the rest of your family is a must.

We’ll ask you whether you prefer a lighter or darker background for your photographs and then we can help from there. Click here for our Style Guide.

You’re always welcome to bring a couple of options as we have plenty of space to change if needs be at our studio.

I hate having my photograph taken, will it show?

Our job as photographers is to help you relax and be yourselves. Few of our clients come in saying they love having their photograph taken, but the wonderful thing is they leave having thoroughly enjoyed the whole Blue Sky experience.

That makes us very happy as that means we’ve done our job well.

Read for yourself some of the reviews clients have said about Blue Sky Photography over on Google.

We don't feel very photogenic as a family, how can you help?

We believe everyone is photogenic.

Our skill, expertise and down-to-earth approach will totally put you at ease. Combined with our simple posing, our knowledge of lighting and beautiful studio space we’ve all the right ingredients to help make you feel a million dollars on a family shoot.

How long should we allow for a studio portrait session?

We would always say to allow around 45 minutes to an hour. We realise young children may have limited concentration so we are used to working fast.

However, where the family group is larger, or kids take longer to warm up we are also adaptable to change the pace so you never feel rushed.

Do you ‘airbrush’ or Photoshop the photographs?

When people ask about ‘airbrushing’ they’re often asking about Photoshop. And the answer is yes we do fully edit all of your images.

We prefer to call it polishing. For us that means getting the colour tones perfect and removing any unwanted baby drool.

For you it means you won’t actually notice; you’ll just think you look fab.

What if I don’t like the photographs?

Our aim is that you love your photographs. And if you don’t? Well we’ll happily do another shoot on us so that you do.

But if we’re honest the challenge is more likely to be picking your favourites.

What if the children mis-behave?

Trust us we’re very used to kids (of all ages and temperaments). We have more than a few tricks up our sleeves and we find where the parents relax the kids tend to relax more too.

Oh and our main piece of advice? Never say “smile”.

How do I see the photographs after the photo shoot?

After your photo shoot, we’ll arrange a time with you that suits to come back and  view your collection on the big screen in our lounge. This session is included in your studio fee and really matters to us so we can help you select the right products after your shoot.

We’ll chat to you in advance about the ideas you have you like so you can start to imagine. We promise this is not a pushy, pressure sales meeting as for us we are simply helping you make the most of your photographs in the style, and the budget, that suits you and your family.

Can I purchase a gift voucher for a friend and let them decide how they want to use it?

Absolutely. We have a range of different gift vouchers available, either specific to a family shoot, studio experience or a monetary amount. They are available to purchase online.

Is there an ideal age for photographing babies?

For newborn photographs you ideally want to capture baby within the first couple of weeks of baby’s life when they are brand new.

For all other shoots we are happy to go with the age and stage of your family and there is never ideal as each stage is special.

The Blue Sky Baby Club is the ideal way to capture all the important first year milestones (usually at four, eight and twelve months) in one beautiful folio. Find out more about Blue Sky Babies Club. 

How much will I need to invest for a family shoot?

The answer is it depends family to family. Our family shoots are £135 which includes your studio session, viewing consultation and an art deskframe of your choice from the shoot.

We promise no hard sell – we offer a range of products for you to purchase at the time of your viewing at all price points;  professionally printed photographs (starting from £45), custom framed wall art (starting from £195) and digital bundles with copyright (starting from £400).


What is your cancellation policy?

We realise that you can’t always plan for every eventuality (especially when it comes to kids) but we respectfully ask that you give us as much notice as possible if you need to change your appointment.

Wherever possible we will work with you to re-schedule rather than refund, but where this is not possible our cancellation fee is on a sliding scale in relation to how much notice is given.

When it comes to seasonal shoots we are often unable to re-schedule due to the time sensitive nature of these shoots.

I'm interested in booking a portrait shoot. How far in advance do I need to book?

If you’ve a particular date in mind (especially a weekend slot) it’s best to give us as much notice as possible.

We’ll always work with you to find the best fit of day and date – remember around key events  (such as Christmas and Mother’s Day) our availability often goes well in advance so plan ahead when you can.