Say thank you Dad

01 Jun 2022

Fathers Day Photoshoot Edinburgh

A Father’s Day Photoshoot is the perfect gift for Dad’s of all ages.

What could be more precious than a photoshoot of Dad and the kids (when we say Dad we mean Dad’s of all ages and when we say kids we mean kids of all ages). It’s the perfect excuse to capture photographs that will be loved for always.

Father’s Day this year is Sunday 19th June (you’re welcome) so you’ve time to make a fuss of the Dad’s. Pop online and bag a voucher for a photoshoot.

See you soon.


Alie x

Why we love Father's Day Photoshoots

Father’s Day is all about family time. Whether Dad is brand new, or a much loved father and maybe even grandfather, we believe we should all take time to appreciate our menfolk.

Creating memories is the kind of gift that lasts long after Father’s Day itself. We love it when families keep coming back year after year as these photographs matter. And seeing little people grow and develop each year is a huge perk of our job.

We also love it when Grandpa is invited along for the photoshoot. If you’re anything like me you wish you could have more photographs with your grandparents. Those photographs are the stuff of gold.

Father’s Day Photoshoots are important because making time to spend with Dad is a gift in itself. And how much more important to capture that relationship at this stage forever.

Purchasing a photoshoot for Dad is the perfect gift. We’re already looking forward to seeing you.