Edinburgh Engagement Shoot

21 Aug 2020

Summer Loving

We’re spoilt when it comes to Edinburgh engagement shoots.

You always dream of the perfect weather for every engagement shoot but we literally could not have planned Marlena and Jordan’s engagement shoot for a more beautiful summer’s evening. It was one of those sublime August nights when Edinburgh comes to life, bathed in the most magical of golden hours.

2020 has seen many, many wedding plans change. We love that this pair have adapted, gone with the flow and are getting married on the date they originally planned. Yes it’s going to be different from the original dream, but we know it’s going to be every bit as incredible. And the most lovely bit is that Niels and I are still able to be a part of the plans…

M and J you two rocked your engagement  shoot. And we know you will rock your married life too. Your teamwork and drive will make everything you do work. We are privileged to know you and have you as friends.  Thank you for all your support and brilliance.


Alie & Niels xxx

“Our engagement shoot was so much fun and Alie and Niels made us feel at ease and completely relaxed the whole time. We loved every minute of it, we
made fantastic memories and would definitely do it all over again if we could"

Marlena & Jordan

Why Engagement Shoots Matter

There’s so many reasons why we think engagement shoot matter. If pushed we could be pretty evangelical about it.


Firstly they are a great way to get to know your photographer and get used to them photographing you! You literally learn to relax and trust. It makes us so happy when our Blue Sky couples are even more excited about their wedding photography after an engagement session. That’s exactly how it should be.


The other lovely thing about taking photos of our couples before their wedding day is we get to know them even better. And more importantly how they connect. That might sound cheesy, but it’s really not. We see how they are together so that when we photograph them it’s the most natural thing in the world. It becomes about them being together rather than just ‘being photographed’.


We always say don’t overthink your engagement shoot. Getting dressed up is  fun, but go for favourite outfits that you feel good in. Remember you can always accessorise with a fab coat/hat/boots depending on the season. Also worth adding that if you have a four-legged friend you want to bring as an ‘accessory’ then feel free! We are more than ok with dogs on engagement shoots. As long as you’re ok with them hogging the limelight ????


It’s also true that engagement shoots are a whole lot of fun. It’s so unlikely that you’ll have done anything like this before as a couple. Taking time to document your everyday lives together is just as important as the photographs you’ll have on your wedding day.


Many of our couples pick their favourite spots, or meaningful locations for their engagement shoot. We’re also a big fan of locations with views as you can incorporate a bit of adventure into it. Check out Blue Sky’s best photo spots for ideas if you’re stuck.


There’s also something to be said  (especially during the wedding planning process) for taking time out to appreciate each other and why you fell in love. To be honest what better way to spend an hour or two  just being together, rather than being too wedding task focused?


If life is about moments, then an engagement shoot is definitely one of those moments in time you’ll always look back on and be so glad you did it.