Edinburgh Engagement Shoot

08 Sep 2020

Our Kind of People

Laura and JP are the kind of people we would gladly hang out with every day of the week.

They approach life with positivity and humour and throw themselves 100% into all they do. They have kept smiling as not just one, but two planned wedding dates have passed by and we are in awe of their flexibility.

Laura has already been so many things to me – she has been wedding supplier teammate, friend, Ward 1 buddy (yes this girl has brought me cups of teas, smiles and great chat during chemo adventures)… and now bride-to-be. I for one am going to struggle not to shed a tear or two as she walks down the aisle.

Without a shadow of a doubt Laura and JP, your wedding is going to be the most epic of epic days.
Us? We can’t wait!


Alie & Niels xx