Commercial Photography: Easter Product Photography

14 Apr 2020

Celebrating Easter with brilliant product photography

How was your long Easter weekend? Ours was understandably different from normal.

As we continue this new rhythm of staying home, it had me thinking forward to what the coming months will look like…It turns out that none of us know… and Alie will testify that I’m really not very good at not knowing stuff.

I do not like surprise parties. I do not like surprise trips. I don’t even like surprise birthday presents.

So you can understand I’m a struggling a little bit with this whole lockdown surprise. And I don’t think I’m alone in this.

Easter speaks of new beginnings.  We all have to hope that we will get through this virus stronger, more united and more focused on building our communities and renewing friendships.

I know that we’ll soon be back shooting again in the studio; welcoming families, newborns and babies into our midst. I know that wedding celebrations will be that little bit more special. And I know that I’ll be shooting more products crated with passion, creativity and love from our tribe of business owners.

I just don’t know when.

Until then, we salute the small business up and down the county.

We send Big Blue Sky Easter love to our friends at Twenty-Seven, Quirky Gift Library and Boutique Chocolate and we thank them for entrusting their Easter to us.


Niels x