Commercial Photography: Christmas is coming

28 Aug 2020

The best Christmas product photography going

Commercial photography for Christmas is important to get right.

This week, John Lewis launched their Christmas shop, exactly four months ahead of Christmas Day 2020. Now this might freak you out, or make you incredibly excited for the festive season that lies ahead.

However you feel about this, I think this only leaves you with three options…

  1. Either you can read about the background to this story in the Guardian and let the whole thing pass you by till later in the year. Or
  2. Embrace the gorgeous festive ranges online at John Lewis and start writing the Christmas list. Or
  3. Book your own product shoot with us so that you can launch your own Christmas collections in September.

So, which is it to be?

Option 1, 2 or 3?

Promise not to judge you on your answer…