Christmas Photoshoots Edinburgh

08 Oct 2021

A Very Scandi Christmas

Hello October and hello countdown to Christmas (apparently there’s only eleven weeks to go?)

This year for our Christmas Photoshoots we’ve created a little bit of Scandi heaven in our studio (think all things neutral, natural and hygge) Already we’ve had clients asking if we can come and style their home ????

Throughout October, November and December you’re invited to Blue Sky Photography for our seasonal Christmas photoshoots. We’ve created a relaxed space where the kids (and puppies) can relax and have fun.

There’s plenty space for your family to enjoy time with us and capture some fantastic festive photographs. Whether you want to all dress in your cosy knits, party outfits, or simple monochromes (PJs are also always an option) come as you like.

Bookings are super simple: hop online here and pick a spot that works for you. Then you’re another step to being all organised for Christmas presents.

See you there,

Alie, Sarah and Niels xxx

5 reasons for doing a Christmas Photoshoot

If you’re wondering if one of Christmas photoshoots is. If you ask any of our Blue Sky Clients the answer of course would be a huge big YES. If you’re still debating it here’s 5 reasons why it’s a great thing to do:

  1. The experience. For us it’s all about everyone enjoying themselves. If you feel comfortable and relaxed then we know we’ll capture some fab photographs. For anyone that’s visited our Morningside studio you’ll know how much care and attention we put into it having a real home-from-home vibe.
  2. It helps you spend time together and appreciate family time. Whether it’s with the little, or less little people in your lives, or your furry friends, we are guessing you don’t make enough room for quality time together. Come along to our studio and we promise we’ll make that happen.
  3. To see the changes in the kids. We have families that come back year after year and it’s so lovely seeing how the kids have grown. It’s also so special when they come running in excited to be back.
  4. The photographs make perfect gifts for yourselves as well as grandparents. We have everything from Christmas cards, through to prints and digitals.
  5. It’s magical. It is the time of year (particularly in Scotland) where we are all needing a little bit of cosiness – twinkly lights and candles always create that special kind of magic.