The Blue Sky Photography DNA | Brew Tea Co

19 May 2020

The Blue Sky Photography DNA | Brew Tea Co

It might sound ridiculous that we, as a family run photography studio in Edinburgh, actually care about what tea  we use in our studio. But we do. It’s just the Blue Sky way.

Detail. It’s in our DNA.

When you receive a cup of tea from us, you’re getting a little bit of “us”. That’s why you’ll be presented with a delicious Brew Tea Co cup of awesomeness.

Now when someone says they make tea awesome that’s quite a claim. But Brew Tea Co take the biscuit.

Take time to admire their branding because it’s the best thing since sliced bread. And they have yellow teapots. Yes Blue Sky yellow teapots.

We think it’s a sign. The Brew Tea Co & Blue Sky wedding could actually happen…!

Thank you from the bottom of our teacup

And have you noticed we’ve not even mentioned the tea?! Proper whole rolled whole leaves that make for a smoother, richer brew. Ethical in nature. Compostable teabags. Hand packed in Manchester. Is there any chink in their shiny armour? Nope. None.

We look forward to serving you with your very own brew of choice just as soon as we’re able.


Niels x

PS – a final shout of admiration and respect to the customer team who go by the title Team Awesome. This has to be the best email name ever. Bar none. My only regret is that I wish I had thought of it…