Blue Sky Photography on Pinterest – #PinItForwardUK

07 Jun 2013

Have you ever spotted a picture of something online and think that’s utterly perfect – I must remember about that. Then, when you try and find it again, you’re totally stuck trying to remember where you first saw it?


Sound familiar? Well, Pinterest could be just what you’ve been looking for…



Pinterest is an online pin-board where you can organise and share the things you love.


Imagine a space where you can post your most favourite inspirational pictures, ideas and concepts in one place online – now here’s the clever bit; Pinterest then links back to the source where you first saw it so you can order it, find out more or just show it some love! No more bits of paper, bookmarks or post-it notes to loose.


We were invited to take part in #PinItForwardUK – the official UK launch of Pinterest and if the last few weeks are anything to go by, both Alie and I can say Pinterest is seriously addictive…!


We’ve loved going through our blog posts, pinning out some of our favourite moments, pulling brilliant details and styling ideas and collating our ring shots – it just appeals to our organised minds!



Another clever feature of Pinterest is that you can create secret boards, hidden from public access so you can build your dream board in complete privacy until you’re ready to share it with the world (or a select few if you invite them).



So, to start you off – follow Blue Sky Photography on Pinterest why not start with our beautiful wedding details board?


Then, when you’ve followed us, take a look at tomorrows Pinterest blogger Carmen Yuen-Stevenson’s boards – go explore and enjoy pinning!