Best Girls Edinburgh

01 Aug 2018

Summertime Photoshoot

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of having the winners of our “Best Girls Edinburgh” competition over to the studio for what can only be described as a seriously cracking night in.

To say we had way too much fun would be an understatement… with make-up from the wonderful Clare at Moi Beauty, clothes and styling by Rosy Penguin (courtesy of the dynamic duo of Ruth and Rachel) the stage was set for a brilliant shoot – and these girls were in a league of their own.

Oh and did we mention the wind machine?

If you’re considering a photoshoot with your best girlfriends or your family then to get the super polished look these ladies sported, speak with our friends at Rosy Penguin and Moi Beauty about styling and make-up – it’s soo worth it.

Alie x