Pippa’s Baby Club Session

19 Mar 2021

Pippa’s Baby Club Session

At Blue Sky Photography we are known for baby photography in Edinburgh. Over the last five years of our Morningside studio we’ve had the privilege of meeting lots of lovely babies and their families.

The first year of baby’s is so important. It’s when you see your child hit key milestones. It’s when you see them develop their unique personality. They go from babe in arms to moving of their own accord. Often faster than you can keep up!

That’s why we created our Blue Sky Babies’ Club. It’s the perfect way to mark the key milestones of your baby.

This was Pippa’s first baby club session and look at how smiley she is.  She clearly learned from her big brother Ollie. He was here two years ago so mum was already a pro.

Pippa’s smile is so infections and her hair is just fabulous. She was a absolute joy to photograph. It was great to capture some photographs just with nappy on.  So you can see those gorgeous little legs. Then some with her fab dungarees. Top tip for parents – bring some lovely soft vests and plain coloured clothes for baby. They work so well in photographs.

I can’t wait for her next session to see how she’s grown and to capture more of those smiles.

Big Blue Sky love

Sarah x




Baby photography Edinburgh.  

Baby photography has a special place in our hearts for lots of reasons.

To start with we’re getting to meet new lovely little unique humans. They bring their parents with them and we get to know them and capture images that may not have been taken before (especially of the family unit)

Sometimes our babies bring their brothers and sisters and it’s so lovely to witness that bond. We’re very relaxed about sibling photographs and happy to go with how the kids are feeling. Sometimes older siblings want to lavish their little brother or sister with hugs and kisses. And sometimes they don’t. Both are ok and we can photograph both.

Often we get to catch-up with previous wedding clients as they become parents for the first time. Telling the next part of their life story is just magic and a real privilege.

And when our Blue Sky Babies go on to become big brothers and sisters themselves then we get to see them again as they come back as siblings.

If you’d like to know more about our Blue Sky Babies Club, take a look here. You can get in touch directly with us, or book a voucher for you or for family or friends (it’s a great gift as it lasts a whole year and they have a lovely folio to show for it)

The sessions are generally around 4, 8 and 12 months, but we’re pretty flexible (especially post lockdown) so if your baby is older then get in touch anyway as we’d still love to help you capture milestone stages.

We’re also conscious lots of babies may have missed newborn photoshoots so again, give us a shout if your baby is slight older than newborn stage but you’d still like to have them photographed before they get much bigger. We’d love to welcome you to the studio.

Equally if you’ve any ideas or any questions about baby photography just drop us an email to hello@blueskyphotography.co.uk and let us know if you want to arrange a time to chat.

In the meantime feel free to browse our website for more baby photography ideas. We’ve also put together some suggestions for creative ways to capture your baby’s first year. Take a look here.

See you soon!