A Little Bit of Paradise

25 Jan 2014

A Little Bit of Paradise

Australia – A Little Bit of Paradise

We drove for miles with me frantically scanning the trees, hoping for just a small glimpse of one of those unique furry creatures. Everyone said we’d see them, high up in the trees: that this area was literally covered in them. Sad to report I did not see a single Koala, except for those on a postcard.

We jam-packed our amazing Australian adventure with lifetime memories, but one of my highlights had to be four day escape up the Sunshine Coast. When we’d planned our road trip, from the other side of the world, it was the town names that had me hooked. Reading the names Gympie, Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach, I had already fallen in love with this part of Australia.

To reach Rainbow Beach (which is absolutely as perfect as it sounds) we had to follow the road right to the end. It was our little of bit paradise. Jed and Beth even created their own desert island on the beach.

There were so many tales of our amazing Australian adventure that will continue to entertain us for an age, but one thing’s for sure, I am definitely going back, and next time I will meet a Koala.

Alie x