3 reasons why family photographs matter

22 Feb 2017

3 reasons why family photographs matter

Here are our top 3 reasons why family photographs matter. Have you ever heard of anybody complaining about having too many family photographs? I can honestly say I’ve never heard that.  In fact it’s the opposite: most say that they don’t have enough pictures of them together.

We believe family matters and we think having photographs taken is one of the most important things you can do together. It’s the stuff of legacy. It’s what will last through generations.

1. Remember the now

Our lives are so crazy jam-packed with activities that we often don’t have time to stop and appreciate the ‘now’. If its been a while (or perhaps never) since you captured your family then you probably need to fix that. Remember it’s for now, but it’s also forever.

And in a world where transient is so valued we think should take time to stop and value the age the kids are at now. To enjoy the relationship they have with each other. With grandparents.

I’ve often heard said “oh we’ll do that when the kids are older” or that’ll be something for when the kids (or the adults!) are at “a better age” Well here’s the truth – there’s no better age than now. So what are you waiting for?

Don’t worry if you’re nervous, we can help with that. A professional photographer’s job is to help you all relax. And here’s something that might surprise you – you might actually enjoy it!

2. Professional photographs matter

The second reason family photographs matter is that there’s a big difference between snaps and professional portraits.We are huge advocates of using our mobile phones tot capture images (from dance shows and family outings and birthday parties) but that is just not the same as professionally taken family photographs. Not least because the quality isn’t quite there (sorry to break that illusion) but also because of the skill of the person behind the lens.

With a professional photographer you have someone whose job it is to photograph you as a family. Someone who is on your side armed with their toolkit of enthusiasm, lighting, training and talent to make you look a million dollars.

Remember a professional photographer is on your side. Our job is to get the best photographs of you. Our job is to get everyone together for that all important group photograph. And composition as well as creativity are tools photographers have in their arsenal.

We know all too well that parents often hide behind the other end of the lene. Which makes sense. But also makes us sad. This relationships are everything to kids and deserve to be valued through photography.

3. Your family shoot will provide you with forever memories

Another reason why family photographs matter: It’s truly personal, utterly bespoke and will always make you remember (and just think how many bonus points you’ll get from the grandparents when you gift them a framed print from your shoot!).

Much as I love art for wall, the place for this kind of personalised art is even more important. It’s what will last and be passed on as legacy. When you think back to all of the stately homes and castles you’ve visited over the years (Scotland has quite a few), then just think of the walls of family portraits that have been retained. The portraits that were there before cameras existed. The portraits that show us exactly what Henry 8th actually looked like.

We love that part of our job is to create legacy and we love that families come back to us time and time again. That is special.

So, 3 reasons why family photographs matter. And they’re pretty big reasons. So get in touch if you’re considering booking as we’d love to be your family photographer.

To book a family portrait session with us at Blue Sky Photography drop us a line to hello@blueskyphotography.co.uk or call the studio on 0131 447 1100.

Alie x