Baby Christening Photoshoot: Edinburgh

03 May 2020

100 Years Old

On the day of Samuel’s Christening both his parents had the Norovirus (remember that thing?) With family and friends travelling from all over there was no option to postpone. They managed to battle through the service, but all they images they had showed them looking a little green so a professional photoshoot was required.

The Christening Robe is from Samuel’s Mum’s family and is 100 years old. It was escorted by Granny the evening before and returned straight after. Truth be known I was terrified to touch it! It was a real honour getting to capture a little piece of this family’s history. There was also a lot of gown to try and fit in!

Samuel is a gorgeous, thoughtful, serious little chap and was generous with his smiles whilst we arranged the robe around him. Clearly he felt very home surrounded by his family history too.

Big Blue Sky love

Sarah x